News for Mom is a newsletter that shares highlights from the news through a weekly email from a son to his mother.

(It’s an experiment in respectfully sharing ideas across political divides.)
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The Story

Chris and Mom

When I was a kid, I remember waking up in the morning and joining my mom on the couch to watch the morning news. From that couch in West Virginia we watched the Berlin Wall come down, dramatic images from the first Gulf War and lots of episodes of Rosanne.

Since then, a lot has changed in the world, in our family and in the ways we learn about things that happen in our communities. Health issues have decreased my mom’s mobility. I have moved half a country away. And social media has provided a filter for how we understand things around us. While my mom and I disagree on political issues, we value each other’s intelligence and love.

I created this newsletter to open up new paths of conversations with my mom about issues that have an impact on our lives. In each letter, I try to share articles that fall below the fold on issues that are relevant to her: health, education, arts and local/rural/Appalachian issues. I try to avoid argument-inducing national politics and season the email with a bit of humor, a few personal updates and things that capture my imagination.

— Chris

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