'Shrooms, Gloom and Gas Booms

May 16, 2018


Hi Mom,

Hope everything is going well in the Ohio Valley. I am gearing up for a couple of talks I'm giving in the next week. The first is a panel discussion in Miami discussing art, technology and the "climate of fear." And next week, I'm presenting about data and arts institutions at a meetup in Chicago.

Here's the latest:

  1. Honor Roll It's not everyday that your signifigant other gets honored with a major award, so I am really happy to share the news that Wilson was awarded the Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize for her documentary covering the death penalty in Florida, Cell 1.
  2. H1-B, M.D. As immigration policy changes, the U.S. faces a potential doctor shortage. The impact could be felt by rural patients, where the H-1B visa program helps attract highly-skilled foreigners to work in rural medicine.
  3. Peace Problems This week the U.S. Emassy opened in Jerusalem sparking protests that led to more than 60 deaths in Gaza. How did we get here? This guide walks us through the basics of the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  4. Mr. Sandman A magical project has a poet delivering dreams to subscribers via mail and bicycle. Currently the artist, Mathias Svalina, is in Buffalo for a month-long residency where he is delivering daily poems to participants' doorsteps in the middle of the night.
  5. Fairly Interesting The third star on the flag of Chicago represents the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, a massive world's fair which buzzed with electricity and introduced the world to the Ferris wheel. The radio program Back Story recently explored the legacy and political dynamics of the fair on the 125th anniversary.
  6. Remembering Atrocity Last month, the National Memorial for Peace and Justice opened in Alabama, memorializing the thousands of victims of lynching in America. Karin Berry, an editor at a publication called Undefeated, shares the story of her great-great-grandfather and her family's journey to uncover information about his murder.
  7. Return to Sender A Chicago man is in hot water after he submitted a change of address form… for the US Postal Service and then started receiving all of UPS' mail. Like, of all places not to catch that!
  8. WV Roundup In the wake of the primary elections, Rolling Stone argues that the media needs to be more nuanced and stereotype less in their coverage of West Virginia. The Intercept looks at the role of teachers in how an incumbent lost in the primrary and a reporter for Propublica is looking for tips for reporting about the natural gas boom.
  9. Mushrooms & Mortality In an interview with Fresh Air, author Michael Pollan talks about his new book, which looks at the use of pychedelic drugs to help people with depression and terminal illnesses.

I love you,

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