Bikes, BBQs and escaping the 'Burbs

May 24, 2018


Hi Mom,

I'm writing you this week from a coffee shop, because of Internet outages at our house. I'm still getting used to working remotely. Having the Internet on the fritz is annoying, but it has allowed me to explore the neighborhood a bit more on my new wheels. Chicago is such a bike friendly city. The people are welcoming as well.

Here's the latest:

  1. Bike Bliss It seems that I'm not the only person happy to be biking around the city. A new study shows that among 12 factors that contribute to well-being, "people living in places where they could commute to work by bike reported feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment."
  2. Bolt from the 'burbs A couple shares how leaving the suburbs and corportate jobs for life on a farm saved their marriage.
  3. Vape Debate There is still no consensus on whether e-cigarettes are safer than normal tobacco products. But, some may take pause this week after a vape pen explosion caused a man's death in Florida.
  4. Past Times Payday A painting by Kerry James Marshall sold for $21.1m at auction, making him the highest paid African-American artist. The painting previously hung in the Chicago Convention Center where it was bought for $25,000. In the future, it is likely to be hanging in P. Diddy's house.
  5. Towards Redemption Meeting with evangelical leaders to build support for a prison reform bill, the President said, "America is a nation that believes in the power of redemption." Here, is a quick break down on the First Step Act and why some don't think it goes far enough for transformational change.
  6. Smelly Stamps If you send me a birthday card this year, could you please mail it with one of these new scratch and sniff stamps. They come out June 20th and smell like popsicles!
  7. Sobering Statistic 2018 has been deadlier for schoolchildren than deployed service members.
  8. More Love The artworld lost Robert Indiana this week, famous for the iconic love sculptures and paintings. According to a biographer, early versions of those works might have featured another four letter-word.
  9. Wild, Wonderful and Wreckless Producers are filming a new series in West Virginia designed to be similar to an Buckwild, called West Virginia Wilder. But don't worry, the producers say “This is about laughing with — not at” West Virginians.
  10. BBQ Spoilsport A viral video of a white woman calling the police on a group of black men grilling in a park has become the latest example of white people calling the cops on black Americans minding their own damn business. In response, a group in Oakland put together an amazing event called BBQing While Black. Also the memes, so many memes. But seriously, we need to talk about this.

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine.

I love you,

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